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Re: Please advise on how to improve libcurl HTTP GET performance

From: Alex <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 09:18:11 +0400

12.10.2011, 00:55, "Alan Wolfe" <>:
> Thats actually a really good point.š Maybe libcurl is displaying kilo BITS per second, and you are calculating kilo BYTES per second.
> Bandwidth is often expressed in Kb, not KB andšaprox 30-40KB/sec ==š aprox. 300Kb/sec which fits with your numbers!

Oh! Great point, I never really checked if those numbers Curl gave me were KB/s. But no: Curl downloaded 4700 Kbytes in 14 sec, which is 339 KB/sec (and it's the limit if my connection).
Still have to check Vladimir's suggestion, though.

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