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Re: multi interface is broken with active FTP connection

From: Gokhan Sengun <>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 01:09:17 +0300

> I'm working on the correct fix.
> I've just committed the fix that corrected the problem in my tests:
I pulled the files from the hub and made this version but it still fails to
solve the issue in my original code. Although running test case 525 is now a

Here is the differences:
- I use an FTP server which supports EPRT command [ FTP server in tests does
not support EPRT ].
- Test case was storing in contrast my code was retrieving. [ I already
tried storing with my code, but still no luck ]


it is twice as difficult to debug a program as to write it. Therefore, if
you put all of your creativity and effort into writing the program, you are
not smart enough to debug it.

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