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Re: [bagder/curl] 623914: warnless: add wrapper function for read and write on Windows

From: Marc Hoersken <>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 13:17:22 +0100

Hi Steve,

Am 16.02.2014 12:33, schrieb Steve Holme:
> Thank you - that's been bugging me for some time with my Win64 builds but I
> never thought of using curlx functions to solve it ;-)

You are welcome. Thanks for fixing the copyright years of my commits
again and again. I will try to remember checking for them myself. ;-)

> I was wondering if we should provide compatibility with POSIX 64-bit builds
> by looping inside the curlx_read() and curlx_write() functions if "count" is
> greater than the max of an unsigned int?

That sounds like a good idea. I was also thinking about merging them
with the wrapper functions in sockfilt.c. But I did not plan to do it
right away.

> Also, do these functions need to be defined in 32-bit Win32 builds as I
> don't think the warning is present there?
> As such, would #if defined(WIN64) be better?

I am not sure if there is a reliable way to detect WIN64 across all
compilers and thought that curlx_uztoui will take care about everything.
I hope that these functions do not cause any problems or performance
delay on WIN32 since the compilers should be able to inline/strip them.

If you have improvements in your mind, please go ahead.

Best regards,
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