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RE: Visual Studio Project Files

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 20:46:34 +0100

On Mon, 14 Apr 2014, Pierre Joye wrote:

> > Any ideas, suggestions or comment are as always much appreciated ;-)
> Your effort to improve windows developers experience is greatly
> appreciated, quite some work to deal with all different project files
> format versions, options, etc.

Thank you - hopefully they will be useful to some people ;-)

> However I have some doubts about the long term maintenance of
> these files. It is a very time consuming task to keep every single
> version working, and the list keeps growing.

I would be interested to know what the long term maintenance of such project files might be - I'm not sure if I've missed something or I've not thought things through fully (more than likely!) but I don't see an awful lot of maintenance - I don't believe the existing VC6 and VC8 project files require any maintenance.

> I wonder if it would be better to focus on the makefiles and
> document how to use visual studio with curl (lib and exe) instead.
> It is relatively easy to generate project files using the PDB for
> debugging purposes f.e.:

I welcome any improvements to the existing documentation, but I must admit I have very little makefile experience myself - and use Visual Studio project files on a daily basis... having done so since v1.0 ;-)

> Debugging an application relying on libcurl is even easier as it
> only requires to add the PDB files to the settings.

You are quite right...

However, the main purpose of these files it to a) assist those users who come here looking for project files because they want / need to compile libcurl themselves - it hasn't been that many but I have emailed several copies of these files out before deciding to add them to the repo b) provide a quick and easy way to build libcurl (as different developers have different compilation and linking requirements to some of the binaries that are currently provided - be it different versions of OpenSSL, want WinSSL or because they compile with third party libraries that dynamically link to the MS runtime from older versions of Visual Studio and don't want the headache of the different versions of those DLLs), c) hopefully encourage more Windows developers to get involved with OpenSource and specifically curl ;-) and finally rather selfishly, d) make my life easier - as I currently have to keep these same files both locally for my own contributions to curl as well as the ones at work I currently don't automate any of
 that :(

Kind Regards


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