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Re: Please review my patches

From: Dan Fandrich <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2014 22:48:42 +0200

On Wed, Jul 09, 2014 at 08:22:42PM +0200, Michael Osipov wrote:
> I have several patches pending since end of May no one has taken any
> action to review them at least.

I think a big part of the problem is that lots of people are taking summer
vacations at the moment, and fewer people want to code. See

> [PATCH] SF bug #1302: HTTP Auth Negotiate sends Kerberos token
> instead of SPNEGO token
> [PATCH] Add non-default GSS-API for HP-UX to
> [PATCH] Fix configuration of fbopenssl SPNEGO library in

The other problem is that these are rather esoteric features that none of the
regular curl contributers use, and few would feel comfortable reviewing. That
leaves the master to have the final say, but see paragraph 1 above.

>>> Dan
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