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Re: redirect URL

From: Claudio Piga <>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2017 13:47:57 +0000

Dear Curl users
I am totally new to curl and its use, but I hope this query makes sense to
you. Apologies if it is a rather mundane type of problem.

I have to save queries for my research. I have to deal with urls of this

For brevity's sake, define this as <url>

Using the DOS Command Prompt, from the directory where the curl.exe is
stored, I issued the following command:

*curl -o example.html <url>*
I think curl does not seem to like all the &, so I also tried the version:

*curl -o example.html "<url>"*

 that is, I put the whole url in quotes.
Note that the url (without quotes) works in a brower and downloads the
relevant page. Unfortunately, the file created by curl is empty.
Could you please refer me to the correct syntax for the curl command?
Many Thanks


Received on 2017-03-21