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Re: problems with cached addresses - anyone?

From: Grigory Entin <>
Date: 15 Feb 2004 18:05:37 +0300


On Sun Feb 15 2004 at 16:09, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:

> On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Grigory Entin wrote:
> > So could somebody say, is it possible or not, that it's due to a
> > bug in curl cache? Or probably you could give some hint on what I
> > can do to find the bug, in the application or in the curl?
> It certainly sounds like a libcurl bug... Does it happen roughly at
> the same time?

I think, yes. I get about five-six internal cycles, each with a single
FTP / few HTTP requests and then this thing happens.

> How many host name do you have in the cache when it crashes?

I'm not sure exactly, as I don't know where to look for that number -
if you give a hint I could verify it. At least I have _two_ CURL
instances - one is used as FTP connection to a fixed host, another as
HTTP connection to another host + I have HTTP proxy, and no FTP proxy
- so there should be at least two host names, probably more - due to
redirects from HTTP replies or whatever. I don't know if the cache is
shared among different CURL instances, sorry, that's why I give these
probably irrelevant details.

I wish I had some time to minimize the environment, but.. sorry..

Anyway I'd like to do whatever I can.. Just ask.

Received on 2004-02-15