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Re: Is it possible to compile libCurl with SSH support using vc8?

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 15:27:18 +0100

Hi Markus,
Am Montag, 10. November 2008 22:42:42 schrieb Markus Moeller:
> Find attached the Makefiles for curl-7.19.1.
The *.vc8 makefiles are not in VCS but are generated for releases from the
*.vc6 makefiles; also we prefer unified diffs instead of the whole files.
Can you perhaps provide such diffs against the current *.vc6 makefiles:

you can use:
diff -u makefile.vc6.orig makefile.vc6
to produce such a diff; a win32 diff binary is on my site:

daily snapshots of the CVS source are available here:

greets, GŁn.

Received on 2008-11-11