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RE: How to Configure Curl to resolve hugefile build failure

From: Dantzler, DeWayne C <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 20:50:22 -0700


But I would feel a whole lot more comfortable if I was able to get a clean configure and build. The object hugehelp.o does exist in the same directory as the other *.o files, so why is build unable to locate it?

DeWayne Dantlzer

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On Mon, 19 Oct 2009, Dantzler, DeWayne C wrote:

> How do I resovle the reference to hugehelp? Is this a configurable
> option or do I need to run configure with a specific switch or specify
> a certain library?

You shouldn't need to do anything. That function is present in src/hugehelp.c that is compiled and linked with curl by default. Note that you don't at all need it for libcurl, only for the curl tool.

There's a configure --disable-manual too, but all that does is generate a tiny src/hugehelp.c file with an empty hugehelp() function.

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