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From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 14:25:22 +0200

2011/8/5 Steve Holme wrote:

> Finally after my woes with Git I have the pleasure of including a single
> patch of my (various) changes in adding support for AUTH NTLM to SMTP. A
> summary of the changes is as follows:
> [...]
> I have attached the patch file for your review and would appreciate any
> feedback or suggestions.

Steve, I reviewed this patch a couple of times and have allowed 24
hours before replying to you, so my comments here are not a first
impression but a quite reflexive one.

In order to allow NTLM auth for SMTP this basically refactors existing
NTLM code and also adds the required bits for NTLM auth for SMTP
support, while also changing parts of existing code.

In order to properly integrate all this with existing code I would
appreciate if we did all this actually in three different steps.

First one, patch existing code with changes that you deem necessary.
There are changes that I have not had the time to investigate if they
are fixes that you introduce or if they are regressions for fixes
introduced in git while you developed your version. In this phase all
changes should be done to files already existing in git repo, no new

Second one, refactor existing code into whatever functions you believe
are appropriate. It is important to not change code while refactoring
it into functions. If you estimate that curl_ntlm.c and curl_ntlm.h
are necessary they can be created at this phase. We should be able to
verify with text comparison tools that no change is introduced besides
converting existing code into functions.

Third one, introduce the NTLM auth for SMTP support.

Each phase should be reviewed, and a whole run of autobuilds should be
allowed in between to minimize the risk that something else gets


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