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From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 14:51:20 +0100

Dear All,

Finally after my woes with Git I have the pleasure of including a single
patch of my (various) changes in adding support for AUTH NTLM to SMTP. A
summary of the changes is as follows:

* Created a new curl_ntlm module which is based on the NTLM code that was
present in http_ntlm (v7.21.7).

* Modified the smtp module to support AUTH NTLM.

* Modified the order of the preferred authentication method to AUTH NTLM,
AUTH CRAM-MD5, AUTH LOGIN then AUTH PLAIN. AUTH PLAIN should be the last as
it is the most insecure.

* Added support for the AUTH parameter in the MAIL FROM command. This is
ONLY for authenticated connections and can be set by the user via the
CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH option - If is not set then the CURLOPT_MAIL_FROM value
will be used instead.

* Added the ability for the user to specify whether authenticated
connections (AUTH NTLM, AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN) send the initial response
in the AUTH command or in the next command. This can be set via the
CURLOPT_MAIL_SINGLE_AUTH option but defaults to TRUE to maintain
compatibility with the v7.21.7 source.

* Fixed up http_ntlm to use the new curl_ntlm module.

I have attached the patch file for your review and would appreciate any
feedback or suggestions.

Many thanks


Received on 2011-08-05