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From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 10:17:14 +0200

Hi Steve,

2011/8/22 Steve Holme wrote:

> [...] The only thing I would
> like to clarify is the call to the Curl_base64_encode() that we talked
> about.

Fixing of Curl_base64_encode() and Curl_base64_decode() interfaces
pushed now into master. This fix touches more source files than I had
initially thought. In any case, this fix is now finally done. So this
should no longer be an issue for proper cleanup and error handling.
Lets give autobuilds, or any human, the chance of detecting any
pitfall with this commit.

> We have currently implemented Option 2 out of the two options...
> Should we change this to Option 1 (being called as part of
> Curl_ntlm_create_typeX_message() functions) now or after I add NTLM support
> to SMTP?

Relative to this, it mostly depends if we really need protocol
specific implementations of Curl_input_ntlm() and/or
Curl_output_ntlm() or if existing ones can be used for all of them.

You'll have to elaborate a bit on that before I'm actually capable of
answering your question above.

Next patch should be the code that handles sending initial response in
the AUTH command or in the next one. Unless that moving the base64
encoding of type-1 and type-3 messages out to
Curl_ntlm_create_typeX_message() functions first really makes a

Right now I see nothing relative to all this in already provided
patches. I'll dig a bit further in case it is hidden somewhere, but
you are the one who actually knows by heart where should we arrive.

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