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From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 21:10:43 +0100

Hi Yang,

> We really appreciate your efforts and time in the same way we

You're welcome :)

> do with ours, with the added responsibility, efforts and time, on
> our side of trying not to break existing code and functionality
> when new features, or important changes, are introduced in
> order to keep libcurl top notch.

I know I'm stating the obvious here but I think it's safe to safe that
everyone's efforts are fully appreciated and I do value your help and
assistance on this patch.

> > At what stage are we now? I see there hasn't been any feedback about
> > the code moving to curl_ntlm.[ch] so can we start to introduce the
> > smtp code changes to introduce the NTLM feature?
> Stage one is to be considered finished with last commit already done.
> So I would say, in front of stage two or three. This really depends if
> there are still pending changes to existing code that are independent
> of NTLM support for other protocols than http.

I think we are about there with the NTLM changes... The only thing I would
like to clarify is the call to the Curl_base64_encode() that we talked
about. We have currently implemented Option 2 out of the two options...
Should we change this to Option 1 (being called as part of
Curl_ntlm_create_typeX_message() functions) now or after I add NTLM support
to SMTP?

> That would be stage two. Please start a new thread with proposed
> patch for that, and whatever comments you desire to convince
> others that the fix/change is convenient.

I should hopefully have this ready this evening, if not tomorrow at the

Kind Regards


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