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Re: One or more libs available at link-time are not available run-time

From: Jeremy Hughes <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 19:17:52 +0100

Hi Nick,

><PLUG>If you're building 7.27, then unless your application depends on
>an OpenSSL-specific feature, you are welcome to try out the native SSL
>option by configuring libcurl --with-darwinssl.</PLUG>

I thought from a previous discussion on this list that darwinssl doesn't support ssh. Jonas Schnelli (23/7/12, 21:38) listed one of the cons as "no SFTP (libssh) support without openssl"

The reason we're building with libssh2 is that we want to support SFTP.

>> Are you using a different set of configure options?
>No. Are you installing libssh2 after building it?

We're not installing it. I thought the --with-libssh2=[directory] option was supposed to allow libcurl to be built with a static library of libssh2?

This used to work, as I've said, but it stopped working sometime between 7.21.1 and 7.27.0.

I'm slightly puzzled by your question about installing libssh2, because we're developing an application that doesn't require users to have libssh2 installed on their machines. Maybe you're suggesting that it helps to have it installed on development machines?

>If not, then you'll
>probably need to adjust the header & library search paths in your CFLAGS
>and LDFLAGS environmental variables. You may also need to adjust
>LD_LIBRARY_PATH as someone else suggested; the man page to dlopen()
>suggests that the variable works on OS X as well as on GNU/Linux.

I'll try to figure this out, then.


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