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Support for URL specific options and broken Test 165

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 22:13:35 +0000

Dear friends,


Following on from a conversation on the curl-users mailing list back in
November [1], as well as from my own requirement for being able to run IMAP
tests 815 and 816 via the Test Suite I have been taking my original
prototype, from the summer of last year, for adding support of URL specific
options [2] but in a more formal patch style and pushing these various
commits over the last week. The process is quite slow, although the end is
now in sight, as I needed to rework the existing rather long and cumbersome

operate() function in tool_operate.c but not in one huge go.


However, after I pushed three commits [3], [4], and [5] last night, I
noticed that Test 165 broke - as can be seen in the auto builds from the
past 22 hours [6].


Unfortunately, as I only compile for Windows, don't run Valgrind, nor have
access to libIDN I am struggling to see where the problem is and why I broke
this test with my commits.


From the Valgind Memcheck log, and my limited knowledge of them, it looks
like the buffer allocated in idna_to_ascii() in libIDN which is used to
transform the non-ascii based URL is not long enough - by one byte - so
generates a read error but if this was the case why has my rework suddenly
broken things / flagged this?


As such I am a little lost and would appreciate a little help and assistance
with tracking this breakage down.


Many thanks in advance,


Kind Regards



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