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Re: Call for libcurl cmake users/maintainers!

From: Jakub Zakrzewski <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 14:41:31 +0000

> From: Geoff Beier <>
> Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 08:23:58 -0400
> Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>> I was never convinced adding cmake support was a good idea but I allowed
>> it to get added in April 2009 as there were a bunch of eager advocates
>> of it at the time. Ever since then, it has remained an inferior way to
>> build libcurl on probably all platforms since there's just not much
>> attention given to it, most likely (my guess) because there aren't very
>> many users of it.
> FWIW, we use the cmake build system exclusively for libcurl on Windows.
> For other platforms we tend to use the autotools scripts.
> The libcurl cmake scripts use cmake in ways that I don't understand very
> well, but I do have a local patch I use to build using schannel and
> winldap, as well as support targeting Windows Server 2003.
> It's probably not general enough to merge as-is (because I don't
> completely understand some of the tests that are performed, and have
> only used it on Windows) but I'd be happy to share it with someone who
> understands them.
> Regards,
> Geoff


we already have a CMake-based build system for our product and we'd really would like to extend it to also build our dependencies. Right now we build everything manually on each platform, what is a pain. Therefore we're planning to start building curl with cmake instead of separate scripts for each platform.

Not ot mention, that one can open a CMake-enabled things as a project or generate project files for a number of IDEs.

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