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Re: Embedded platforms (without FPU's), etc.

From: Harold Tessmann III <>
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2018 20:31:59 -0400

On 3/31/18, Philip Prindeville <> wrote:

> Couple of questions. One is a broader question about tweaking the API so
> that it uses fewer “doubles” for get curl_easy_getinfo() call, in particular
> using fixed point since you might be running on a platform such as an
> embedded router with a MIPS-32 or ARMv6 CPU which doesn’t have
> floating-point… but is reasonably capable of 64-bit operations (shifting,
> adding, subtracting, etc).

Does your toolchain not support software floating-point? I'm curious
because I work with an armv5 that does have hardware floating point
(if only we could get our hardware vendor to give us a toolchain with

> So we might want to express times as uint64_t’s as (tv.tv_sec * 1000000) +
> tv.usec.

If we're allowing for platforms without any kind of floating-point
support, should we also allow for platforms that don't support 64-bit

Perhaps we could copy the local system's struct timespec


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