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RE: is anyone using winbuild and Visual Studio 6?

From: Kees Dekker <>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 13:16:19 +0000

> At least Windows 2000 still should be supported because the original MinGW
> targets it by default and quite a few people are using it because it appears in
> Google search results before the more current and more complete MinGW-
> w64.

Then I'll leave as it is. But I'm then still a little surprised that the current winbuild
Mechanism uses the compiler version in the output directory name (that should at
least suggest that such functionality is wanted), but the prior windows build technique
did not (if I remember well) such functionality. So someone added something that is
odd (compared to UNIX land) and even probably odd for most Windows users (who
only use a single version of Visual Studio).

But I can live with the current situation. The few PRs now submitted will add some flexibility
that will make my life also easier...

I don’t have the intention to bother others as well... So this plan is not viable...

Received on 2018-04-09