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Re: CoAP support in libcurl for the Internet of Things

From: Remy 'Sieben' Leone <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 09:40:46 +0000


What would be the best approach to offer support for CoAP in the libcurl?

- Would you prefer to add support by re-implementing / porting a C library
inside libcurl? For instance, most of the CoAP code would be ported from
libcoap or another C library directly inside libcurl. It would represent a
significant amount of code to review but would give the advantage to be
tailored to fit libcurl requirements.
- Would you prefer to simply link to a third party library such as
libcoap? It would mean adding an optional dependency to libcurl build.

I'm not sure about curl requirements and dependency policies.

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Le mar. 7 juin 2016 à 00:11, Daniel Stenberg <> a écrit :

> On Mon, 6 Jun 2016, Joachim Bauernberger wrote:
> > would there be any plans or roadmap to integrate support for CoAP in
> > libcurl? It was once proposed in 2013[0] but it was very early stages
> back
> > then.
> It has been proposed before, yes. I've not seen anyone get sold enough on
> the
> idea to actually provide time and energy to make it happen. I'd estimate
> it to
> be a significant chunk of work so it'd take someone with a real desire and
> use
> case to pull it through.
> The only attempt to roadmap that we have in this project is this:
> - which is just mine and Steve's
> ideas
> of what we wanted to work on when we last updated that document. Then
> there's
> the TODO document ( that lists ideas
> that
> could worth exloring further. None of them include CoAP =)
> > because of lack of support in the popular libraries, most
> implementation's
> > are either commercial and/or reinvent the wheel in some way.
> I consider the lack of interest to implement this into "the popular
> libraries"
> to tell something as well. I am personally a skeptic of the long-term
> future
> for the stripped down versions of real protocols that I consider CoAP to
> be a
> representative of.
> > libcurl seems an awesome place to handle this.
> I wouldn't mind exploring that and see how it could be done and get
> integrated, but I'm not personally going to do all the work. It's not a
> use
> case for me *personally* that I have a need for.
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