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Re: Disallow HTTP/0.9 ?

From: Daniel Gustafsson via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 11:38:25 +0100

> On 17 Dec 2018, at 16:00, Daniel Stenberg via curl-library <> wrote:

> I believe this is not what most users would expect and that's why I propose that we modify this behavior and let users opt-in to that treatment with the help of these new options.
> A more conservative route would be to take the DEPRECATE route and mark this to happen in 6 months and until then we keep the previous behavior.

+1 for highlighting it as deprecated and switching to an opt-in model in 6
months, there is AFAIK no rush to implement this but it may well break existing
code out there.

Would it help transition of scripts that rely on this behavior if we add the
opt-in option in the next release without changing the default? Then authors
can update their code to use the option and be ready for when it’s no longer on
by default?

cheers ./daniel
Received on 2018-12-18