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About the cURL Web Site

Online Docs

This web site is dedicated to covering curl, libcurl and related issues only.

If you have any complaints, ideas or suggestions for this web site, don't hesitate to mail feedback to or post it on the curl-users mailing list. We do make a serious effort to please our audience.

If you have a question regarding curl or a curl-related issue, please use a proper curl mailing list.

The curl web site contents are...

The box running the main web site is...

  • hosted by Haxx AB
  • running Apache on Debian Linux
  • hooked to a 100 Mbit/sec connection
  • serving 220,000 unique visitors that download more than 220GB data per month doing their 400,000 visits on the site
  • physically located in Stockholm City, Sweden

Technologies used:

  • Daniel's fcpp that most HTML pages are preprocessed with.
  • standard make(1) for dependency-stuff
  • perl for dynamic pages and most background scripting
  • hypermail for mail archives
  • man pages converted using Daniel's roffit
  • curl(!) for the automatically generated mirror links

Emails and Spam

We display many email addresses on this site by replacing the '@' sign with a textual version. Research has shown that when we publish addresses in plaintext, we get a whole lot more spam. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We Like Sourceforge

The bug and feature-request trackers are hosted by for the benefit of curl users.
SourceForge Logo

We Like Github

All source code and as much as possible of the web site is hosted on github.

Supported Browsers

This site is best watched using any browser: