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Companies Using curl in Commercial Environments

Lots of companies use curl/libcurl in their commercial products, or simply use curl/libcurl for inhouse work. This list is incomplete.

  1. 16 Software offers IcyScreen
  2. ACCESS uses libcurl to build their Netfront Browser NX for embedded systems.
  3. Actuate uses libcurl in BIRT Analytics
  4. Adara Networks
  5. Adobe - Acrobat Reader 7.0 for Linux, Flash Player 9 and 10 for Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. Adobe GoLive, Flash Media Server, Adobe AIR, Dreamweaver, Contribute, Fireworks and more...
  6. Aditiva
  7. Adknowledge, Inc - internal software
  8. alaTEST - uses libcurl internally
  9. Altera uses libcurl
  10. AOL UK - uses curl for an "easy installer"
  11. Apple ships curl with Mac OS X, uses it in iOS and in iTunes and various other products.
  12. Archivas - Performance and Scalability tools
  13. ATX - We use libcurl in our software so that the customer can connect to our server to update the software.
  14. Autodesk uses libcurl in their Infrastructure Map Server
  15. BBC use libcurl to make parallel service calls in their PAL framework
  16. Bietfuchs - german ebay-Sniping-Service
  17. Bitcartel - RadioLover on Mac OS X
  18. Blackberry (formerly RIM) uses curl (and c-ares) in Blackberry 10 and more.
  19. Blizzard uses libcurl
  21. Blue Digits - VM Rover (voicemail client)
  22. Blue Security - Blue Frog
  23. BMW - in car systems.
  24. Bosch uses libcurl in "Car Multimedia" used in a large amount of car brands and products
  25. bwin uses libcurl
  26. Candela Technologies - LANforge-FIRE
  27. Canonical's Landscape uses libcurl
  28. Carestream Health uses libcurl in VIParchive (storage management platform for medical images and information) curl and libcurl are used to post messages to web services like the XDS service defined by IHE.
  29. Cascade Data Systems - AppGenerator
  30. CatchFIRE Systems
  31. CERN - Toolsuite quattor
  32. CheckPoint - ZoneAlarm (on Win-XP) uses libcurl and so does ClusterXL
  33. Chevrolet includes the curl license in their "2013 Chevrolet Volt Owner Manual"
  34. Chronos uses libcurl as a WebDAV & CalDAV engine primarily. We also use it to publish, unpublish, and subscribe to remote vCal files over FTP, FTPS, and SFTP.
  35. Cisco - Cisco NM-CUE (Cisco Unity Express) on Linux, Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco Active Directory, Cisco Jabber for iPhone and for Windows, Cisco Security Agent, Cisco ACE XML Gateway and more.
  36. CLAAS Tractor SAS - uses libcurl in an Update "agent" (Windows Update like) for our own tractor diagnostic tool. This application runs on Windows.
  37. Comcast uses libcurl in XFINITY TV.
  38. Contactor Data AB
  39. Cybernetica AS - in our time-stamping software
  40. Datasphere S.A. - uses libcurl in ongoing developments of banking data transfer products.
  41. Datordax uses it for their web shop
  42. Denon - in the AVR-X4000 Network receiver.
  43. DesignQuotes uses libcurl for internal API calls and running cron jobs.
  44. Digium - uses libcurl as part of Asterisk
  45. EdelWeb
  46. EFS Technology uses libcurl in their LaserNet product.
  47. Eiffel Software uses libcurl in EiffelStudio
  48. Electronic Arts uses libcurl in their games Need for speed world and Game Face.
  49. Emsoft - EmBrowser on Linux
  50. Euroling uses libcurl for web-crawling in their SiteSeeker
  51. Ergon Informatik AG - is using libcurl for part of the reverse proxy functionality in its WAF Airlock.
  52. ESRI uses libcurl
  54. "At we use curl for several projects"
  55. Eye-Fi uses libcurl in their manager software
  56. E2E Technologies Ltd - We use libcurl in our product E2E Bridge since many years to access http, https, ftp, sftp, ftps, ldap and ldaps resources.
  57. F-Secure - Anti Virus on Linux
  58. Facebook - uses libcurl via pycurl in their Tornado web server
  59. FalconView uses libcurl.
  60. Feitian Technologies uses libcurl in an IOS browser which supports SSL protocol with hardware certificate.
  61. FriendFeed - their Tornado web server uses the PycURL binding
  62. FMWebschool's Grab-It
  63. GeekDrop "makes extensive use of cURL for all sorts of things, from Social Network sharing to database backing up to DropBox, to a plethora of other uses."
  64. GRIN uses libcurl in their game Ghost Recon
  65. Groopex
  66. Grooveshark uses it all over the place
  67. focuseek - searchbox
  68. Games Workshop uses libcurl in the Warhammer 40,000 game.
  69. Garmin - Linux-based Nüvi navigation devices
  70. GipsyMedia Ltd - DigiGuide on Windows
  71. Google - Google Earth, Google Desktop, Chrome OS, Google Music
  72. Haxx
  73. HPC uses libcurl in HCP Anywhere Core Software
  74. Heynow Software - uses it on various products developed for customers.
  75. Hitachi uses curl in their Hitachi Data Systems’ Products
  76. HP uses it for "Insight Management", HP Smart Update Manage and more
  77. Huawei uses curl
  78. HTC uses libcurl in the 3G microcell
  79. inSORS
  80. IBM - Uses BOINC for world community grid. BOINC is using libcurl.
  82. Idruna Software Inc - Idruna Pocket Phojo and Idruna Photogenics HDR
  83. Id Software used libcurl in Doom 3
  84. Infomedia Business Systems Division - AutoLedgers
  85. Informatica PowerCenter uses curl
  86. Information Handling Services - internal file transferring processes
  87. Insignia uses libcurl in a TC/Blu-ray combo
  88. Intel uses libcurl in Intel System Management Software
  89. Internet Security Systems - Proventia M Series
  90. Intra2net AG - Intranator
  91. Jajja Communications uses it internally
  92. JET - "We are using libcurl at JET, the nuclear fusion experiment based at Culham Laboratory in the UK. HTTP is used as a transport for initialising and collecting data from a number of instrumentation systems. We are using libcurl to perform the data collection from the systems onto a central data warehouse"
  93. JLynx Software
  94. Kajala Group Ltd.
  95. Kaleidescape uses libcurl
  96. Karelia - Watson on Mac OS X
  97. Kaseya uses libcurl
  98. kencast inc. - "uses libcurl in a scripting extension library. We also use it in our upload/download manager module in our product."
  99. Kerio Technologies uses curl in Kerio MailServer
  100. Kongsberg Spacetec uses libcurl in distributed processing and remote file transfer products
  101. LassoSoft uses libcurl in their Lasso Professional product.
  102. lastpass uses libcurl
  103. LG uses libcurl in TVs.
  104. Linden Lab makes Second Life
  105. Machina Networks - Xinergie Client Framework on Windows
  106. Macromates uses libcurl in their Textmate text editor.
  107. Macromedia: see Adobe
  108. Magic TV uses libcurl
  109. Mandiant Memoryze uses libcurl
  110. MandrakeSoft - rpmdrake on Linux
  111. Marantz uses libcurl in their SR7008 AV Surround Receiver and blu-ray players
  112. Mazda - used in several navigation systems
  113. McAfee/Network Associates Inc - Virex on Mac OS X
  114. MediaAnalys uses curl for scanning customers' web sites.
  115. Mellanox Switch Management System uses curl
  116. Mercedes-Benz uses curl in almost every car model.
  117. Metaio - Junaio App uses libcurl
  118. Micromuse Inc.
  119. Miniclip
  120. Modio
  121. MokaFive, Inc
  122. Momento uses libcurl
  123. Moodstocks uses libcurl internally and as part of the Moodstocks SDK, both to call our API and to download static files with libcurl-multi.
  124. Motorola - I am not sure where it is used, but curl tarball is in ClearCase so it must be used somewhere :)
  125. Mozilla uses libcurl in the Firefox crash reporter and in Firefox OS phones.
  126. Nagarsoft uses libcurl in their product PhraseExpander
  127. Neptune Labs - DataShift on Windows
  128. Nest uses libcurl
  129. Netflix uses libcurl
  130. Netgear uses libcurl at least in their ReadyNAS product.
  131. Netiq uses libcurl
  132. Network Mail
  133. Neuros Technology uses libcurl in their OSD device.
  134. Nintendo uses it their Nintendo Web Framework
  135. NoDesign's DIA Parrot uses libcurl
  136. Nortel's Rls 6 Telephony switch. "NFC (network file copy) API was rewritten for Linux using curl library"
  137. Office2office Plc - posting Invoices and Purchase Orders
  138. OKTET Labs Ltd - have added libcurl RPC to our Test Environment product
  139. One Laptop Per Child ships every XO laptop with curl and libcurl installed.
  140. Onkyo uses libcurl in their Network A/V Receiver TX-NR626
  141. On Technology - iCommand 3.0 on Windows
  142. OpenLogic includes curl and libcurl in their so called Certified Library of open source.
  143. Optimsys uses libcurl to manage HTTP and HTTPS traffic in our OptimTalk platform
  144. Oracle uses libcurl in the MySQL Enterprise Monitor and in Endeca
  145. Outrider
  146. Palm uses libcurl in the Palm Pre.
  147. Panasonic uses libcurl in some model(s) of TVs
  148. Pandigital uses libcurl in their networked digital photo frames
  149. Passiv Systems uses curl in the PassivHub and PassivController
  150. Pelco uses libcurl
  151. Philips uses curl in TVs and Blu-ray players.
  152. Pioneer uses libcurl in Blu-ray players.
  153. Polaroid Corporation, USA - "Curl Uploader Server".
  154. Polycom uses curl in their RealPresence Group Series Software
  155. Pure Storage uses libcurl in their Purity Operating Environment
  156. Quest uses it in Big Brother Professional Edition
  157. QVD uses libcurl on Android
  158. QNX - QNX CAR 2 uses libcurl
  159. RBS
  160. Research in Motion - see Blackberry
  161. Retarus Network Services GmbH - fax outsourcing tool Faxolution for Windows.
  162. Riverbed uses libcurl in Stingray Traffic Manager
  163. Rolltech, Inc - commercial media player application on Android
  164. RSA Security Inc
  165. RSSS
  166. Samsung uses libcurl in DVRs and TVs, and is present in their Android build tree for their phones
  167. SanDisk uses libcurl in their Sansa Connect mp3 player. (Info on internals)
  168. SAS Institute - JMP
  169. SEB uses the .NET binding.
  170. Sharp uses libcurl in their Elite LCD TVs
  171. Siemens uses libcurl "as part of a big Telco product"
  172. Silicon Landmark uses libcurl in a variety of internal and customer projects on MacOS X, Linux and FreeBSD
  173. Slingbox uses libcurl
  174. SmithMicro uses libcurl in MotionArtist
  175. Sony uses curl in their Bravia Internet Video Link product, Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-Ray players. And Playstation 4
  176. Source Remoting - VSS Remoting
  177. Spotify - uses libcurl
  178. Steambird - using libcurl in one deployed freebie product ('Love Invaders') and all current (commercial) products in development, on Linux and win32.
  179. Sun - Sun Explorer uses curl for HTTPS upload support.
  180. Swisscom - We use the php binding for the php written Application Core where curl is needed to propagate outstanding account manipulations to relay servers via https.
  181. Symantec's WinCE version of LiveUpdate
  182. System Garden - Habitat
  183. tasvideos use libcurl for its search and Youtube uploader.
  184. Tellabs 7190 Element Manager and Tellabs 7194 NMS use libcurl
  185. Telstra - uses libcurl in their T-Hub "home phone of the future"
  186. Telvue uses curl
  187. Thumbtack - we use curl via PHP for connecting to a ton of external APIs, such as Yahoo Boss, Paypal & Verisign, and love it.
  188. Tilgin - uses libcurl in their Mood series IPTV settop boxes.
  189. Tomtom uses libcurl
  190. ToolAware makes PackageForge
  191. Toshiba Corporation uses curl in TVs and Blu-ray players.
  192. Trend Micro uses libcurl in their HouseCall virus scanner.
  193. Tribalmedia - iShell
  194. Tiempo de Espera, S.L. (tds-solutions) tdBOX on Windows XP.
  195. Unity3d uses libcurl to implement http functionality in the editor and in some games
  196. Vivisimo - Content Integrator
  197. Vmware - VMware View Open Client
  198. Voddler uses libcurl in their client for streaming video.
  199. Volition Inc uses libcurl in their game Saints Row: The Third (see credits)
  200. Vuo
  201. Wump Research & Company a fundamental "hand tool" for moving data
  202. Xilinx uses curl
  203. XonaSoftware
  204. Yahoo (via the PHP/CURL binding, see PHP at yahoo), used by and
  205. Yamaha uses libcurl in AV Receivers and Blu-ray palyers
  206. Yubico uses curl in validation servers and clients.
  207. Zimbra uses libcurl in their Zimbra product.
  208. Zixcorp
  209. Zonar Systems LLC - ZonarCom 3
  210. Zyxel uses curl in their Digital Media Server