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Curl depends on external libraries for some features (and libcurl for all features). You can build curl without them, but curl gets a lot better if you have these libraries:

LibraryUsed for...
SSL (https) support. Use OpenSSL. Curl compiles, builds and runs with it. download links.
The automatic "deflate" decompression depends on zlib. download links
The LDAP support depends on OpenLDAP.
kerberos4 The kerberos4 support depends on a kerberos4 package! :-) More information can be found at, by asking google or at the MIT kerberos package page. libcurl has been used successfully with kth-krb4.
heimdal The GSSAPI support can be provided by the heimdal package. GSSAPI is used for the GSS-Negotiate support in libcurl.
fbopenssl SPNEGO support depends on the fbopenssl library.
c-ares c-ares is the library libcurl uses for asynchronous name resolves.
libidn libidn is used by libcurl to perform the proper IDNA encodings for international domain names to work.
TLS (https) support. Use GnuTLS. Curl (7.14.0 or later) compiles, builds and runs with it.
NSS TLS (https) support. Use NSS. Curl (7.16.2 or later) compiles, builds and runs with it.
yassl TLS (https) support. Use yassl. Curl (7.15.4 or later) compiles, builds and runs with it.
libssh2 For SSH (SCP and SFTP) support, added in (lib)curl 7.16.1.
libmetalink For Metalink support, added in curl 7.27.0

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