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Automatically converted CA Certs from

SSL Certs

We provide automated conversions. The output CA bundle file in PEM format (250KB) is available from here:

The PEM file contains the datestamp of the conversion and we try to only convert if there's a change in either the script or the source file.


August 4th, 2013 -
The cacert.pem output now only contains certificates that are explicity marked as trusted. The script was updated in commit 51f0b798fa as a response to the 1.84 revision update of certdata.txt from June 2012. The certdata.txt format documentation?

January 6th, 2013 -
These ca cert bundles no longer contain the DigiNotar certificates as Mozilla marks them as untrusted and this script knows the markup for that, but it may contain related certificates that Mozilla (and others) would block using other means. (Like some certs that were cross-signed by Entrust etc). See details in bug #1178.

The script

The mk-ca-bundle tool converts Mozilla's CA cert bundle to PEM format, suitable for (lib)curl and others. Writtten by Guenter Knauf.


It is a perl script. The script uses the 'openssl' tool and it requires the version that comes with the 0.9.7 series or later.

The exact Mozilla file needed for this job is found within that script.

CA bundle license

This new file is only a converted version of the original one and thus it is licensed under the same licenses as the Mozilla source file: MPL 1.1, GPL v2.0 or LGPL 2.1

Convert from your local Firefox installation

You can also extract the ca certs off your Firefox installation, if you just have the 'certutil' tool installed and run the script!