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Companies and Persons Offering Commercial Support

When you need the help only commercial companies give you.

Only companies that have donated money or code to the project are listed here.

Companies Offering curl Support

These are companies that offer curl support doing installation, customizing or even extending it to your every need or simply writing/improving scripts and programs using curl/libcurl.

Name Located install write scripts/apps customize curl contributors web hosts
with curl
Haxx Stockholm, Sweden yes yes yes yes no
  Originators and massive contributors to curl and libcurl since day 1. We write advanced curl script, libcurl apps as well as related software. And we do it fast.

We repeatedly and frequently provide fast and accurate curl support and write curl scripts/programs for satisfied customers all over the globe.

Michael Schrenk Ltd. Minneapolis, Minnesota USA yes yes yes no no
  Specialize in writing curl-based web-bots, spiders and web agents that provide real-time information for businesses.

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