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RE: Support Of cURL on an embedded device

From: Gary Maxwell <>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 11:32:17 -0700

Nagaraj Math wrote:
> Hello,
> We have gone through many of the products which use cURL for
> and receiving data using GPRS or some other media, but all the
> would use either WindowsCE , linux or some operating system. Our
> requirement is, the hardware we are designing does not have an
> system running on it, we are using a microcontroller interfaced with a
> GPRS modem.
> We would like to know whether you have tried running cURL directly on
> microcontroller without having an operating system installed.
> Can we have a cURL lib which would run directly on a microcontroller
> transfer the data over the GPRS (Considering any GPRS modem has been
> interfaced with our hardware)?

At a minimum, you will need a TCP/IP stack for libcurl to operate. There
is an open source network stack, lwIP ("Lightweight IP"), which can be
ported to run on systems without an OS, but there are caveats. Try for more information.

What you are attempting has significant challenges. I'm also curious
what type of microcontroller you are planning to use. Even stripped
down, libcurl has a significant footprint for a small embedded system.
If you have the memory resources, I would recommend a small RTOS
( instead of trying to wing it without an

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