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Re: Problems with CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS/HAVE_ICONV build on EBCDIC platform

From: Stephan M├╝hlstrasser <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 15:28:24 +0200

Am 11.04.18 um 14:32 schrieb Daniel Stenberg:
> We look at every single filed bug report and pull request. (Sometimes
> we're slow to act on them though, as we're not that many developers who
> work on random bugs and PRs.)
> The world is big and diverse and we have a lot of users who are using
> systems or curl features that a large portion of the world does not.
> When you experience bugs on a niche platforms or with features not used
> widely, there's a chance that A) you're alone to report and experience
> the bug and even B) there's no regular developer around who's using it.
> I'm convinced curl on EBCDIC is one such niche with few devlopers. We
> don't get many bug reports about EBCDIC, which I believe is because we
> don't have many users using EBCDIC...
> We do have a travis build making sure CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS builds work
> and are functional, but that's not using EBCDIC. Not enough test and CI
> infrastructure for something as impactful as EBCDIC will quite naturally
> lead to bugs getting introduced over time.

Thank you, Daniel. It's clear to me that EBCDIC support is a niche and
that I need to become active myself for getting things fixed, but it's
good to know that bug reports about EBCDIC problems are heard.

> 1) subjectAltName check for HTTPS connections
>> In lib/vtls/openssl.c in function verifyhost() two strings with
>> different encodings are passed to Curl_cert_hostcheck(), causing the
>> check to always fail. I have a potential fix for this.
> Please file a PR!

Will do.

>> 2) ASCII-based character classification
> Exactly, but as the comment says: it's next to impossible to work on
> this and get it right without actually being able to test and verify it
> on such a system. Please file a PR for a fix that makes it work for you!

I will try to come up with a pull request as well, but I need some
mentoring for this. The easiest way to get a working library on EBCDIC
again would be to conditionally compile the old macros that were used
before the introduction of curl_ctype.c, as you also mentioned in one
comment in pull request #2269.

This worked well for us before. Would that be an acceptable solution?

> If those are the only problems, I consider things to be in a pretty
> decent shape still!

That is certainly true, and it's amazing how well curl works on EBCDIC
platforms in general!

Received on 2018-04-11